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Welcome to GolTechno our IOT online shopping site for wireless and digital connected
objects. Here where we share your passion.

Founded by an engineer who saw the birth of the Internet and new technologies, and a gifted young web developer, GolTechno brings together generations and their competence in digital expertise.

Indeed, even for an engineer, it is not always easy to keep up to date with the latest techniques.

That’s why our small and enthusiastic team decided to convert their common digital experience in this online shop specialized in IOT (Internet of Things) products, wireless connected smart objects.

So our primary goal is to find for you the products offering the best technology to meet your needs.


Why IOT and IOT online shopping site?

The IoT (Internet of Things) concerns objects connected to each other and to the network via the Internet to exchange data.

If the use of the IOT was initially industrial, ‘general public’ uses are starting to make themselves known, such as smartphones and other wireless devices, watches & activity trackers. Household equipment, home automation and security systems also benefit from this technology.

Another technology has simplified IoT networks. This is wireless connectivity, now ubiquitous as well as invisible. Wireless data communication exists in many different aspects. From a simple connection between two devices that communicate at short range, to networks with several pieces of equipment, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the best known connectivities.

The latest statistics estimate that there will be 150 billion objects connected to the Internet in 2025 and billions of users.

That’s why at GolTechno, we love digital technology!                                                      3 In 1 Wireless Smartphone and Swartwatch Charger


GolTechno wireless products

We always gather a remarkable collection of wireless smart devices in categories such as smart watches, activity trackers, wireless security and alarms, wireless headsets and chargers to name a few. You won’t regret your decision to buy from this online store thanks to a strict selection of products at affordable prices.

We choose the best manufacturers, products with high technological value but easy to use, at competitive prices and offering a good level of guarantee. Often, we offer free shipping and you will be helped for the most sophisticated products.

Pet GPS Tracker


The services of GolTechno

All of these products have been manufactured to the highest industry standards and are of excellent quality. GolTechno only works with the best suppliers to bring the latest models to its customers.

We avoid working with middlemen and prefer direct cooperation with suppliers. So you can now enjoy our products at affordable prices and exceptional customer service.

In addition, our team offers significant discounts whenever possible, so that you can save on every purchase. It’s a great opportunity if you want to get value for your money.

Finally, we are always happy to offer additional discounts during promotions. So visit us often to get a good deal during frequent sales. However, if you have an offer with a discount, don’t waste time, as these offers are limited.

We hope that you will love GolTechno as much as we do and have a great shopping experience.

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